Oct 31 2016

Melbourne Cup; the race that stops a nation!

The race that stops a nation.

Horse racing might not be that popular amongst the masses, but for 15 minutes on the first Tuesday of every November, Flemington Racecourse is the focal point of everyone’s attention. “The race that stops a nation” which it is famously dubbed, the Melbourne Cup is not only a significant social and fashion event, but also a national sporting spectacle.

Not only is Melbourne the only city in Australia, and quite possibly the world, that gets a day off for a horse race, it allows them to get the upper-hand on the Sydneysiders on both fashion and racing stakes.

It is classified as one of the most prestigious horse races in the world with carnival goers coming from all over the world to witness the event. It stops people in their tracks, even for a few minutes, and brings people together whether it’s in the face of victory or defeat.

The Melbourne Cup has also established work place and household traditions, one quite openly known as “the Sweep”, where all horses are thrown into a hat and each member picks out one, or more, depending on the amount of participants – there aren’t many days a year where traditions are created and kept, but this is certainly one of them.

Not only is the stake of money through the roof for the entire Tuesday afternoon and both men and women become precisely 16% balder, it also brings together a sense of community. Attendees bond over a few beverages, bask in their outfit glory and reflect on the fact they’re given a day off to do all of which is mentioned.

For an AFL fan, there’s no day like the last Saturday in September but for a horse racing fanatic, there’s no day like that first Tuesday in November.

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