Dec 31 2016

2017: The Trip of a Lifetime



Imagine this; you’ve saved up so you could have your trip of a lifetime in 2017. You love sport so going to sporting hotspots is an absolute no-brainer, but where do you go?

The U.S? NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, sports on sports on sports….Pretty tempting!

Wait, what about Europe? Watching a test match at the home of cricket at Lords would be spectacular. Or maybe take a train to Spain and attend one of the biggest rivalries in sport; Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Louis Suarez, Gareth Bale and the list goes on; if that isn’t enough to whet your appetite then we are not sure what could.

Let’s not forget Australia. The AFL & NRL Grand Finals, Melbourne Cup, F1 Grand Prix!!? Might be time to quit that job altogether and chase games all around the globe!

The wonderful thing about imagining a trip like this is that there may even be some extra time left over for you to be able to see what the rest of the country has to offer. Whatever you decide to do in that time will no doubt be a means to fill in time until you’re on to the next event, obviously.

So what events should you go to see? Well here at SWiAM we have put together a chronological little list of some of the most well known global events. Get those calendars out and start planning…

Superbowl 51, February 2017. Houston hosts the big match this year- Texas BBQ, Ribs and Football- not a bad way to kick off the year.

The US Masters, April 2017. So Iconic. Even for non-golf fans, the Masters has a certain aura to it that very few sporting events can replicate.

FA Cup, May 2017. Such a cool concept, and we would love to be there at the end. Especially if an underdog team makes it all the way through.

Monaco F1 Grand Prix, May 2017. Surely the most baller of all the F1 events. Attending this event would surely be the closest feeling to being in a James Bond movie.

NBA Finals, June 2017. Who could forget the seven game thriller between Golden State and the Cavs? It would take a lot to repeat something like that but this is why the NBA is so great; you just never know!

Wimbledon, July 2017. Sits on the podium with the US Masters as one of the most well known and iconic sporting events. If you’re a sporting traditionalist, we’d imagine that nothing quite beats a day at Wimbledon.

AFL Grand Final, September 2017. This is the biggest dance in arguably the biggest sports city in the world. Anything south of 100,000 people attending the GF is seen as a disappointing crowd.

NRL Grand Final, October 2017. Attendance wise not as big as the AFL GF, but they seem to have the AFL covered in the pre-match entertainment category. Having the game at night adds to the amazing atmosphere.

MLB World Series, October 2017. The Cubs broke their 108 year drought last year which just goes to show you anything can happen. Will you be there to see if they can repeat?

Of course, this is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Do you have your sporting trip of a lifetime planned out already for 2017? If so, we’d love to help make it a reality for you this year at Sports Where I Am.



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