Apr 15 2017

Planning a sports trip

boys trip

Alright so the long weekend is approaching and all you and your mates want to do is watch sport and have a good time – whether this involves a few drinks, finding the perfect sporting event spanning an entire weekend or simply just where you’re going to go for a couple of days.

The Thursday hits and not a single one of you has bothered to look up any details on upcoming sporting events, accommodation or even where you’d all like to go – that’s okay though, we’re all human after all. So how do you plan all this?

First off, let’s start with picking the sport because once the sport is decided amongst the group then picking somewhere to go becomes infinitely easier. The best way to look at what sport is on is to look at sporting calendars that are often put together by newspapers, or even scouring the internet for what’s coming up.

From there, you can narrow down the sporting events that are on in your designated location. It could be an assortment of sports and the key to making the trip a success, is choosing a location that has more than one event and preferably in different sports so that you’re able to have a diverse selection.

Finally, accommodation. The choices will probably come down to either a hotel or Air BnB as both can be cost effective and be quite luxurious, rather than paying bottom dollar and potentially staying in a rat’s nest.  Although it won’t matter as much if the majority of the trip will be spent out and about, but it’s nice to have the reassurance that you won’t catch anything life threatening.

If you’re wanting to plan a trip away with a group of friends and can’t decide on where to go, visit SWiAM for all your ticketing needs as well as tips on what to do once you get there!

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