May 16 2017

Getting your partner to love sport

President Barack Obama dances to the music with first lady Michelle Obama, with daughter Malia Obama, right, while attending Team USA and Brazil in an Olympic men's exhibition basketball game, Monday, July 16, 2012, in Washington. Team USA won 80-69. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Getting your partner to love sport – when they don’t already love it on the same level you do – can be quite challenging. No matter how much you try and explain all the benefits to them, they simple just can’t comprehend it. That’s OK, though. Not everyone can be as devoted and loyal as you so here’s a few easy things to implement into the relationship so that you can bring them up to your level:

– Deck them out in every single bit of merchandise available.
Alright so this might not be that cost effective but how much does your partner mean to you? Get them a full kit of your team’s merch and make them wear it every time they’re playing. They’ll love it!

  1. – Have them read information about your team. 
  2. Players, coaches, history, everything! And then quiz them. The next point will be useless if you don’t get your partner to do their research.

– Take them to every single game you can.
If you get them involved in the actual live event then it’s the best way to have them immerse themselves in the glory. The roaring crowd and the edge-of-your-seat action is hard to beat. This will only work with dot-point two because if they don’t know anything about the team, then being seen with them amongst other faithful would be embarrassing.

– Break up with them if they don’t start enjoying it.
Okay, maybe this one is a bit extreme but something’s got to give. If you’ve taken them to a live match and there’s still no interest then it’s time start thinking long and hard about where the relationship is heading. Sport is everything, remember?

Obviously some of these ideas won’t always work (merchandise is actually really expensive) but it’s important to try them. Maybe a compromise can make its way into discussion as well but be careful that they don’t ask you to do something that conflicts with watching your beloveds.

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