May 17 2017

Wembley Stadium and the FA Cup!


Wembley Stadium is the pinnacle of sporting stadiums for those from the UK. It is also highly regarded amongst avid sport fans around the world as one of the most amazing venues to watch any event; sport or otherwise.

The stadium has two distinctive towers on either side which became its trademark and then eventually its nickname. It has also hosted an array of sports over the years with soccer being the main one. However, Rugby League, greyhound racing, Gaelic and American football have all been prominent events to feature on the illustrious grounds. It also can play host to approximately 90,000 people, the perfect place to host any major event from any place in the world.

Most notably though, Wembley Stadium is best known for hosting the FA Cup Final, as well as other soccer matches throughout the calendar year.

This year, Arsenal plays Chelsea in the FA Cup Final that will no doubt be a game full of drama, much alike to the entire FA Cup.

You can book tickets through the SWiAM website and get more information about London on the website here!

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