Aug 07 2017

Sydney in two days…


Covering all there is to see in Sydney in two days can be pretty difficult – 48 hours isn’t a lot of time to immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Below is a summarised list of the key places to see in Sydney if you’ve got a spare weekend handy; it’s definitely worth it.

Sydney Opera House – The Sydney Opera House seriously separates itself from the other habours around the world as it would easily be classified as Australia’s most iconic man-made structure. It’s a unique representation of architecture and engineering that complements the already exquisite Sydney Harbour. A must see.

Sydney Botanic Gardens – Despite being within walking distance of the Sydney CBD, the Botanic Gardens encapsulate a natural floral beauty that can otherwise only be found away from skyscrapers and the city life. The carefully maintained greenery is just the tip of the iceberg as one walks through and takes in a breathtaking view of the harbour.

Bondi Beach – While it’s most likely not one of the most beautiful in Australia, it is absolutely ranked in the top 10 throughout the country purely for its cultural impact. The clean sand and crystal clear waters are located close to Sydney’s affluent eastern suburbs – also one of the largest population locations in all of Australia. The beach is easy to access and has a grass hill located at the top which provides a fantastic location for lunch and dinner viewing. Speaking of food, the options are never ending and albeit can be a bit pricey, are also fantastic. If you’re going to Bondi, take  whole day to experience it.

The possibilities in Sydney are endless and if you have a great location you love to visit, we’d love to hear about it! Check out all our fan tips for visiting Sydney on our website here.


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