Sep 23 2018

PLAYOFF TICKETS: A few things to know

Postseason tickets FAQ UPDATE (September 2018): We’ve added a new section to discuss the upcoming Major League Baseball postseason. To jump to that section, click here. NBA and NHL Playoffs tickets explained April, 2018: It’s PLAYOFF time in the NBA and NHL, which has drawn a huge amount of interest from SWIAM users in the last few months. Questions … Read More

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Aug 24 2018

TD Garden: A guide for your Celtics or Bruins game

TD Garden visitor guide It might not get the same attention as the famed Fenway Park a little way down the road, but Boston’s home of basketball and ice hockey, TD Garden, holds some fond memories for the people of Massachusetts. Constructed in 1993 as a replacement for the terribly outdated Boston Garden, the new home … Read More

Categories: NBA, NHL, Sports travel guides
Feb 16 2018

Hockey 101: A Guide To Your First Game

Perhaps more than any sport, hockey benefits from seeing the game live. Frankly, some of the nuances of baseball and football are best seen from the sofa, and half a basketball court is a tidy fit for your average flat screen. But hockey benefits from an eye free to wander outside of the camera’s gaze. … Read More

Categories: NHL, Sports travel guides
Jun 12 2017

We’ve planned your trip to Madison Square Garden

You don’t need us to convince you to go to Madison Square Garden. Everyone you know who has been to New York City has already been telling you that you have to go there, that it’s one of the best fan experiences you could have, that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, that the atmosphere is so fun, … Read More

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