Where do Premier League tickets come from?

Our explainer for Australian travellers ahead of the 2023-24 Premier League season

For travellers from Australia, sourcing Premier League tickets can be pretty challenging. We’ve discussed this in the past on this blog, but we do get a new set of common questions about it every season. So on the verge of the 2023-24 Premier League fixtures being announced, we thought it’d be worth creating an updated explainer.

In short: The Premier League tickets that you’ll find on Sports Where I Am have been sourced specifically with travellers in mind and are – we believe – the most appropriate option for Australians (and other international travellers) heading to the UK.

As an international traveller, here are your most likely options for getting tickets to a Premier League match.

In our experience there are 3 main ways to get tickets to a Premier League match:

1️⃣ From the clubs (via an international official supporter group or international membership)

We do encourage you to explore this possibility. Most Premier League clubs have official supporter groups located around Australia or international membership options on the club website. Often one of these types of membership includes the ability to request to buy General Admission tickets for certain events.

This involves a bit of work

In our experience, though, it is difficult to get tickets this way (especially for the larger clubs) as international members are usually the last member category to be offered tickets. Many of these are conducted via ballot at set intervals during the year. Often by the time the international members get offered tickets there are very few (or none) remaining. This process is also conducted closer to the events happening, which makes it harder for a traveller to plan ahead.

Nevertheless, this is a good option for some people’s specific travel plans, and if you can make it happen it’s a great way to get reliable tickets at a good price. This is why we recommend looking into it for your travel circumstance.

2️⃣ Source secondary market Premier League tickets

The second option for sourcing Premier League tickets is from Club members in the UK who make their ticket for certain matches available via the secondary ticket market 1.

These are riskier than other options

The Premier League does not approve of this method of ticket transfer, and actively takes steps to stop club members from allowing others to use their membership on match days. It’s a different situation to tickets in the United States, for example, where the secondary ticket market is embedded into the entire ticketing system for the major leagues.

At Sports Where I Am, we therefore do not offer secondary market Premier League membership tickets. As a travel service catering to people who have travelled a very long way to get to the event, we don’t take the risk with less reliable ticket delivery methods or that you could be removed from the venue after a membership spot check.

This is why we do not recommend this option.

3️⃣ Source higher-quality Premier League tickets that are approved for travellers by the clubs ✅

This is the option that we have available on Sports Where I Am, as it’s the one that we’ve found is most appropriate and trustworthy for Australian travellers.

The tickets you’ll find on Sports Where I Am are from our partners who source tickets directly from the clubs.

🎟️ These tickets are generally a higher quality ticket than a General Admission ticket; They usually include offerings such as better views of the pitch, padded seats, access to hospitality components like food & drink inclusions, stadium tours etc.

🗓️ These allocations are confirmed for the season in advance, which means that we are able to offer them to travellers well ahead of their travel dates.

🏟️ These options carry no risk that you will be removed from the stadium for trying to use another member’s pass, as Premier League clubs approve these for sale to international travellers.

There is often added cost associated with this category of tickets, and prices do fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

But in our experience it’s by far the best option for travellers, all things considered.

Why should you book with Sports Where I Am?

Because we’ve done the work over a number of years to make sure we’ve got an offer that is appropriate for travellers. You’ll deal with our Australian customer service team that knows that you’re travelling 15hrs+ before you arrive at the gate, and you’ll also avoid hidden currency conversion & exchange costs.

Got a different question about Premier League tickets?

Feel free to contact our team if you have a question about tickets to the upcoming Premier League season.

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  1. This does not refer to the official club ticket transfer/resale services, which you’d be trying to get access to via option 1️⃣ above.