Aug 11 2017

SCG tour and you!

SCG tour2

The SCG tour is an experience that is matched by no other. After all, the ground hosts a plethora of high profile sporting matches and events. The tour delves into the stories of players, spectators, events as well as covering the architecture behind the stadium and its surroundings which make it so breathtaking.

The tour gives attendees the chance to sit in the dressing rooms where a multitude of stars did their preparation before huge matches. It also allows those in attendance to set foot on the turf to reminisce some of the greatest sporting moments in Australian history – Michael Clarke bringing up his triple century as well as names like Sir Donald Bradman solidifying themselves among some of the greatest ever.

The best part about it all is each tour can be tailored for all occasions and has a plethora of highlights which include:

  • – SCG Museum (which also features prized sporting memorabilia)
  • – Players dressing rooms
  • – Media Centre

Getting there is easy as well with public buses running near Anzac Parade and Oxford Street – both just a few minutes walk as well as a scenic 20 minute walk from Central and Museum train stations.

For more information about the tour, including when to book and what to bring, please visit the SCG website. As always, if you’ve done an SCG tour before, we’d love to hear about the best bits on the SWiAM website!

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