An Age Old Rivalry: Melbourne vs Sydney

There aren’t too many greater rivalries in the modern age than Melbourne v Sydney. In all honestly, other than about 800 kilometres and a few beer brands, there isn’t a lot that divides the two cities.

Ask a Melbournian what they think of Sydney though and you’ll probably hear something along the lines of “there’s barely any culture there” whilst they sit down to smashed avocado on toast and sip on a vanilla soy latte. But you’ll never hear one of them admit Sydney have better beaches, a harbour that oozes beauty and weather that usually remains consistent for the week. Oh no, Melbournians will never admit they’re second best at anything, especially when they got voted the most liveable city six times in a row. Why would you with a record like that though, right?

This also stems down to sport. Taking no credit away from Sydneysiders, they love their sport and love a good rivalry, but Melbourne’s ferocity and unbridled competitiveness goes unmatched when it comes to a sporting match against an opposing city.

Let’s take “The Big Blue” as an example. This sporting title involves Sydney FC and Melbourne Victory, arguably two of the biggest powerhouses in the A-League (Australia’s premier soccer competition). The name comes down to two things: firstly, both teams’ uniforms have a shade of blue and secondly, the term “blue” can also mean a brawl or a fight. From that, it doesn’t really need to be noted what takes place during some of these games. Often heated, each team shows off their competitiveness won’t lie down until the final whistle has blown.

Melbourne Victory (and the city of Melbourne) currently have bragging rights when it comes to the win-loss record between both teams. 38 matches have been played since the beginning of the competition with the Victory having won 13 and Sydney FC winning eight, along with 17 draws.

The next fixture for these two teams will be on the 4th of November at Allianz Stadium. If you’re a Melbournian and you decide to attend, just don’t mention Mark Milligan. Trust me.

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