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There’s nothing in the world quite like College football; the fans, the stadiums, the pre-event entertainment and the players. They’re all unique in their own right and all offer different experiences of their respective Colleges. You thought NFL was big in the States? Experience a game of College football and it will change your life.

To put it in perspective: imagine getting crowd numbers similar to the biggest AFL games in Melbourne to a local VFL match, that’s what College football has to offer. Pre-game entertainment is often the highlight (apart from the actual game) with each College showcasing their school bands and cheerleaders, as well as their dedication to tailgating.

During games, entertainment can vary from hot dog eating competitions to kiss-cams, to members of the College personnel shooting t-shirts into the crowd using their t-shirt “pop cannons”. The most important thing through all of this though, is where to sit and where to position yourself for the entire game so that you don’t miss out on any of the action.

College football match tickets vary on the venue and it often depends on who’s playing. A increasingly popular Ohio State Buckeyes match might cost you about $250 to enter whereas another Big Ten team (the Iowa Hawkeyes) varies their prices around the $140 mark.

As you can see below, Jordan Hare stadium is home of the Auburn Tigers and for their game against top ranked Alabama Crimson Tide that was on the 25th of November, tickets started at $264 with parking a lazy $139.


Jordan Hare Stadium

The best seats are often found horizontal to the field so that you’re able to see the entire plays with ease – this is preferred over sitting at either end zone. Although the negative is not being able to have clear view of the game, because of College football’s high scoring nature, sitting at each end zone often allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere when a team scores.

There is no doubt prices are hefty when it comes to College football, but the experience is often invaluable. Tell us where you’ve been at a College football game and what your favourite moment was in the comments below!

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