Tips for attending Dodger Stadium

5 tips for attending Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium Visitor Guide

You don’t need to be up on the LA Dodgers latest news (i.e. that they’re currently competing in the 2017 World Series at the time of writing) to appreciate these local tips from SWIAM users – some of them have been on our database for years.

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Looking for Sports Tickets?

One: Factor the sun into your ticket purchase

Baseball games can be really long, so when you’re looking up tickets for an LA Dodgers game, you need to factor in the warm weather of Los Angeles.

Where to sit at Dodger Stadium

If you don’t pick the right spot to sit, the Californian sunshine can go from being a selling point (and effective holiday instagram material) to the reason you’re looking for sunburn soothing cream the next day.

One of the best ways to avoid being in the sun for too long is to buy tickets on the 3rd base side of Dodger Stadium. These are the odd-numbered sections (see photo on the right).

These seats get shade first as the sun goes down, and they’re on the Dodgers dugout side, so you can get a closer look at the home team.

Two: You can park for free

This was our first ever fan tip video! It came from Mario, and it’s still one of our most popular videos.

Mario’s tip was to park just outside the Academy gate in Elysian Park. Parking is free there (but not overnight). It’s a slightly longer walk, but you also avoid most of the traffic coming out of the stadium after the game.

Three: LA isn’t much for Sports Bars, but…

The sports bar scene isn’t as popular in Los Angeles for some reason, but there are a few bars in nearby Echo Park that come recommended.

They include The Short Stop, which is described as a “no frills, all fun bar” in close proximity to Dodger Stadium.

Another one slightly further away from the stadium is El Prado Bar, which apparently has a great selection of drinks and some small food plates.

Four: You can bring food & drink into Dodger Stadium

Mario came through again with a little-known fact about Dodger Stadium: You can bring in your own food and drinks (with a few exceptions). Watch the above video and check the ‘Food Brought Into Dodger Stadium’ section of Dodger Stadium’s A to Z guide for more details.

(But you probably have to get a Dodger Dog.)

Five: Save money on tickets and watch in the stadium at Think Blue BBQ

One fan suggested Think Blue BBQ for people who want to save money on their tickets but still want to have the gameday experience at Dodger Stadium. Gianluca recommended buying a cheap seat and spending part of the game in the Think Blue BBQ bar, with plenty of seating and big screens to watch the game with other Dodgers fans.

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