World sports calendars for travellers and the sports-mad

World sports calendars – your new desktop?

To kick off your year, we’ve created these desktop calendars showing when the top sporting codes around the world will be running.

We were surprised that we couldn’t find something like this already. Of course, Sports Where I Am was created under the same circumstances: Why hasn’t someone combined the world’s sports event information into one place?, so we should probably be used to it.

These will be most useful for someone planning a trip in the near future, for anyone who had ‘trying a new sport’ as part of their New Years resolutions… or just for sports-mad people in general.

These are a guide only, of course, and for more detailed info you’ll have to get to our website or app. You can also see our list of schedule release dates for sports leagues around the world by clicking here.


For the desktop calendars, you have three options. Click on the thumbnail to get the full-size image.

USA sports calendar


Most of our website visitors are looking up tips and tickets for sporting events in the United States, so this was the first one we made. The change in colour is for when the postseason is running for the different leagues.

Australia sports calendar

We combined AFL/AFLW and NBL/WNBL schedules for this one, hence the February start for Australian Rules Football. There is much more cricket throughout the year in Australia, but we tried to limit this to the Australian team as well as the Big Bash League tournament. The Super Netball season has been shifted in 2018 to accommodate the Commonwealth Games, so this will require an update in 2019 and beyond.

Europe sports calendar


Combining all of the different countries in our database from Europe to one calendar was certainly problematic, and as a result this is our least ‘precise’ of the three calendars. Thankfully, most European countries run their major sporting codes at the same time of year. The “postseason” or “championship” times are a little more difficult to record onto a simple calendar like this, though.

All three combined


Want to keep an eye on EVERYTHING in Australia, the USA and Europe? We created this one just for you, psycho.

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What’d we miss?

Let us know on Twitter if there is a sport we should have included on these calendars – or if we’ve got anything wrong!

To see when sports leagues around the world make their new schedules available, click here.