The best time to visit your NFL team season 2019

When to visit your NFL team in 2019 [all 32 teams]

NFL Christmas arrived last week with the release of the 2019 NFL schedule, so it’s time to get planning – when to take your leave, where to go, and which games you’ll watch.

The average overseas trip duration (by Australians) is 14.5 days – roughly two weeks – so with that in mind, we looked for the best stretch of games for die-hards who want to see their team as much as possible during an “average” overseas trip.

Here are the best three-game, two-week stretches for every NFL team

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AFC East

Buffalo Bills

Where: New York and Buffalo
When: September 8 – September 22 (Weeks 1, 2, 3)

Why: This two-week, three-game jaunt is perfect for those who don’t want to be rushed when visiting New York City. The Bills play the Jets and Giants in consecutive weeks at Metlife Stadium (on September 8 and September 15) before hosting the Bengals at New Era Field on September 22. 

Miami Dolphins

Where: Miami and New York
When: December 1 – December 15 (Weeks 13, 14, 15)

Why: Similar to the Bills’ stretch above, the Fins play in New York City in consecutive weeks in December, allowing you to enjoy the sights of New York around Christmas after you’ve ducked down to some warmer weather in Miami to watch the Week 13 game against the Eagles at Hard Rock Stadium. Perfect!

New England Patriots

Where: Washington, Boston and New York
When: October 6 – October 21 (Weeks 5, 6, 7)

Why: It’s always nice when the NFL schedule allows for a compact trip to watch your team play, and the Pats have a neat little three-game, two-week stretch in the northeast. They play the Redskins in Washington on October 6 and the Giants at home in a Thursday night matchup on October 10. You then get a 10-day break allowing you to see the sights of New York before the game against the Jets at Metlife Stadium on October 21.  

New York Jets

Where: Philadelphia and New York
When: October 6 – October 21 (Weeks 5, 6, 7)

Why: Three games against three big teams in just two weeks? Yep, this is a doozy. The Jets play away to the Eagles on October 6 before hosting the Cowboys and division rivals the Patriots in consecutive weeks. Check out the historic sights of Philadelphia? Check. Enjoy all New York City has to offer while the weather is still nice? Double check.  

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens

Where: Cincinnati, Baltimore and Los Angeles
When: November 10 – November 25 (Weeks 10, 11, 12)

Why: On paper this seems like a little bit of a dog’s breakfast, but hear us out. Book your return flights to Los Angeles, and then an onwards flight to Cincinnati. The Ravens play the Bengals on November 10, then (after you’ve skipped across to Baltimore) they host the Texans on November 17. Make your way back to LA for their Monday night blockbuster against the Rams, and then jump on the plane home at your leisure.   

Cincinnati Bengals

Where: Baltimore, Cincinnati and Los Angeles 
When: October 13 – October 27 (Weeks 6, 7, 8)

Why: Three big games, three cool cities. Much like the Ravens’ stretch above, this will involve a set of return flights into Los Angeles and a couple of cheap, one-way fares from LA to Baltimore and Cincinnati to LA. Watch the Bengals play the Ravens in Baltimore on October 13, the Jaguars at home at Paul Brown Stadium on October 2, and the Rams at the LA Coliseum on October 27 before your flight home. 

Cleveland Browns

Where: New York, Cleveland and Baltimore
When: September 16 – September 29 (Weeks 2, 3, 4)

Why: This is a compact, action-packed trip featuring two huge prime time games. Aside from this being possibly the best year to go and watch the Browns play, there’s also a killer two-week, three-game stretch to do so. The Browns face the Jets in New York on September 16 before returning home on September 22 to host the Rams in prime time. On September 29 they make the short hop to Baltimore to face the Ravens. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Where: Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Cincinnati 
When: November 10 – November 24 (Weeks 10, 11, 12)

Why: The cities of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Cleveland are all within four hours of one another, making this three-game, two-week stretch one of the best for a road trip. The Steelers host the Rams on November 10 before heading to Cleveland for a huge prime time clash with the Browns on November 14. From there, you can slowly make your way from Cleveland to Cincinnati for the November 24 match-up with the Bengals. 

AFC South

Houston Texans

Where: New Orleans, Houston and Los Angeles
When: September 9 – September 22 (Weeks 1, 2, 3)

Why: Book your return flights to Los Angeles, and then an onwards flight to New Orleans for the Saints’ home opener against your Texans. From there, drive or fly to Houston for your home opener against the Jags. After that, book another short flight back to LA in time to watch the Texans clash with the Chargers before your flight home. Three great cities in two action-packed weeks!

Indianapolis Colts

Where: Nashville, Indianapolis and Los Angeles
When: September 8 – September 22 (Weeks 1, 2, 3)

Why: Three cities, three huge games, two weeks – what’s not to love? Fly into Los Angeles for the Chargers’ season opener against your Colts on September 8. Then, book a one-way flight to Nashville to watch the Colts take on the Titans. From there, make the short drive to Indianapolis for your side’s home opener against the Falcons. Just make sure you get yourself back to LA for your return flight home!

Jacksonville Jaguars

Where: Indianapolis, Nashville, Jacksonville
When: November 17 – December 1 (Weeks 11, 12, 13)

Why: Take in three different cities in this two-week trip to watch the Jags. Start in Indianapolis for the game against the Colts on November 17. From there, make the short drive down to Music City for the game against the Titans on November 24, before heading to Jacksonville for a home game against the Buccaneers on December 1.

Tennessee Titans

Where: Oakland and Nashville
When: December 8 – December 22 (Weeks 14, 15, 16)

Why: Three games, two iconic American cities – oh, and three games of Titans football! Start your trip by flying into San Francisco for the Titans’ clash with the Raiders in Oakland. From there, and at your leisure, make your way to Nashville for the Week 15 and 16 home games against the Texans and Saints. Make sure you hit up the Country Music Hall of fame, too.    

AFC West

Denver Broncos

Where: Los Angeles and Denver
When: October 6 – October 17 (Weeks 5, 6, 7)

Why: This is one of the easiest itineraries of the lot. Fly into Los Angeles in time to catch the Broncos’ game against the Chargers on October 6, before making your way to Denver to take in the best natural beauty that Colorado has to offer. Just make sure you get to Broncos Stadium on October 13 and 17 to catch the games against Tennessee and divisional rivals Kansas City!

Kansas City Chiefs

Where: Kansas City, Nashville, Los Angeles
When: November 3 – November 18 (Weeks 9, 10, 11)

Why: One game at home, and two games in two of America’s best cities for tourists – what more could you want? Book your flights to Los Angeles and a connecting flight to Kansas City for the November 3 game against the Vikings. From there, make your way to Nashville (with Southwest Airlines or eight hours in the car) for the November 10 game against the Titans before scooting back to Los Angeles for your flight home, but not before taking in the Chiefs’ game against the Chargers on November 18. 

LA Chargers

Where: Los Angeles, Oakland
When: November 3 – November 18 (Weeks 9, 10, 11)

Why: Two weeks exploring southern California while watching your Chargers play three times? No, it’s not a pipe dream. The Chargers host the Packers on November 3 before going just up the highway to play the Raiders in Oakland on November 7, leaving plenty of time for you to explore San Francisco before heading back to LA to catch the divisional matchup with the Chiefs on November 18. 

Oakland Raiders

Where: Oakland and Los Angeles
When: December 8 – December 22 (Weeks 14, 15, 16)

Why: Watching the Raiders three times in two weeks while getting to explore the best of California is a pretty tidy package. Book your flights in and out of Los Angeles, and then make the short hop up to the Bay area for the Raiders’ games against the Titans and Jaguars on December 8 and 15. Once you’ve explored the best San Francisco and its surrounds has to offer, make your way back to LA for the Chargers game set to be on December 21 or 22 (TBD).

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

Where: Dallas and New Orleans
When: September 22 – October 6 (Weeks 3, 4, 5)

Why: Get to experience the best of two southern cities in Dallas and New Orleans. Fly in and out of Dallas, making sure you arrive in time to see the Cowboys host the Dolphins on September 22. Then, make your way to the Big Easy for the prime time blockbuster between the Saints and Cowboys on September 29, before making your way back to Dallas for the October 6 game against the Packers.  

New York Giants

Where: Philadelphia, New York and Washington DC
When: December 9 – December 22 (Weeks 14, 15, 16)

Why: Get to see the very best of the northeast when the Giants play in Philadelphia on December 9, at home in New York on December 15, and in D.C. on December 22. Getting between the three cities is easy and there’s plenty to see on non-football days!

Philadelphia Eagles

Where: Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York
When: December 15 – December 29 (Weeks 15, 16, 17)

Why:  A short road trip to Washington DC. Blockbuster home game against the Cowboys. Christmas in New York. Not sure much else needs to be said! Get to Washington DC for the December 15 game against the Redskins, before making the short trip to Philadelphia for the Cowboys game on December 22. From there, get to New York by December 29 to close out the season against the Giants.

Washington Redskins

Where: Washington DC and New York
When: September 15 – September 29 (Weeks 2, 3, 4)

Why: This is a nice, compact trip which allows you to explore the sights, museums and galleries of Washington DC, while also getting to spend time in New York City. Get to the nation’s capital by September 15 for the Redskins’ divisional blockbuster against the Cowboys. The Redskins then play the Bears on September 22, and the Giants in New York on September 29. 

NFC North

Chicago Bears

Where: Los Angeles, Chicago and Detroit
When: November 17 – November 28 (Weeks 11, 12, 13)

Why: LA, Chicago, Detroit – what’s not to love? Fly in and out of Los Angeles allowing enough time to catch the Bears game against the Rams on November 15. You then make your way to Chicago by November 24 for when the Giants come to town, and finish up with the short hop across to Detroit for the Thanksgiving game at Ford Field. Easy, right?

Detroit Lions

Where: Oakland, Chicago and Detroit
When: November 3 – November 18 (Weeks 9, 10, 11)

Why: Three huge games in three awesome cities. Fly in and out of San Francisco as this will allow you to see the Lions’ game against the Raiders in Oakland on November 3. Then fly to Chicago for the November 10 game against the Bears, and finally make your way to Ford Field for the home game against the Cowboys in November 17.

Green Bay Packers

Where: Green Bay, Minneapolis and Detroit
When: December 15 – December 29 (Weeks 15, 16, 17)

Why: It’s not often you get to watch three divisional blockbusters in just two weeks, but here we are. Make your way to Green Bay on December 15 for a huge matchup with the Bears. Then, get across to Minneapolis and US Bank Stadium for Monday Night Football against the Vikings on December 23, and before making the quick hop to Detroit for the December 29 game against the Lions.

Minnesota Vikings

Where: Green Bay, Minneapolis and Chicago
When: September 15 – September 29 (Weeks 2, 3, 4)

Why: Lambeau Field? Check. Home game at US Bank Stadium? Check. Another huge divisional clash in Chicago? Check. These three games are all within driving distance of one another, and it allows you to see three very cool cities in two weeks. The Vikes play in Green Bay on September 15, at home against the Raiders on September 22 and in Chicago on September 29. 

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

Where: New Orleans, Charlotte and Atlanta
When: November 10 – November 24 (Weeks 10, 11, 12)

Why: Two weeks, three divisional matchups, three cities. Get to New Orleans by November 10 to see your team face the Saints at the Superdome. Then make the short hop over to Charlotte to watch the Falcons take on the Panthers on November 17, before tracking back to Atlanta for the November 24 game against the Buccaneers. A genuine Southern Swing!

Carolina Panthers

Where: New Orleans, Charlotte and Atlanta
When: November 24 – December 8 (Weeks 12, 13, 14)

Why: Two huge divisional games – you can’t ask for much more than that! Experience the best of the South with visits to New Orleans for the Panthers’ game against the Saints on November 24, Charlotte for the home game against the Redskins on December 1, and Atlanta for the clash with the Falcons on December 8.  

New Orleans Saints

Where: New Orleans and Nashville
When: December 8 – December 22 (Weeks 14, 15, 16)

Why: The home of Jazz and the home of country music – you can’t get much better than that! Get to New Orleans for the December 8 game against the 49ers, then make sure you see the best Louisiana has to offer before the December 16 Monday Night Football clash with the Colts at the Superdome. Then head up to Nashville for the December 22 game against the Titans. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Where: Atlanta, Jacksonville and Tampa 
When: November 24 – December 8 (Weeks 12, 13, 14)

Why: Warm weather, a road trip and southern hospitality! Fly into one of the world’s busiest airports in Atlanta to catch the Bucs’ game on November 24. Then make the five-hour sojourn to Jacksonville for the December 1 clash with the Jags. From there, it’s a short drive over to Tampa and Raymond James Stadium to watch your team host the Colts. 

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals

Where: Phoenix, Seattle and Los Angeles
When: December 15 – December 29 (Weeks 15, 16, 17)

Why: The best of the west coast in one trip! Keep it relatively compact by ticking off a game at home against the Browns on December 15, a game in Seattle on December 22, and a game in Los Angeles against the Rams on December 29. With stunning national parks within reach of all three cities, this is one for the football fans and nature lovers. 

Los Angeles Rams

Where: Los Angeles and Seattle
When: September 29 – October 13 (Weeks 4, 5, 6)

Why: California and the Pacific Northwest – a bucket list trip in its own right. Fly into Los Angeles allowing time to see the Rams host the Bucs on September 29, then book a cheeky little trip to Seattle for the Thursday night clash with the Seahawks on October 3. From there, take your time making your way back to Los Angeles (the 49ers play in San Francisco on October 7 – hint, hint!) for the October 13 home game against the Niners. Nice. 

San Francisco 49ers

Where: San Francisco
When: November 11 – November 24 (Weeks 10, 11, 12)

Why: Explore the best of the Bay area while catching the 49ers three times! This is a pretty easy stretch, with the Niners to play three consecutive home games – against the Seahawks on November 11 (Monday Night Football!), against the Cardinals on November 17, and against the Packers on November 24. Bonus football: The Raiders also play across the bridge on November 17. 

Seattle Seahawks

Where: Seattle and Phoenix
When: November 3 – November 18 (Weeks 3, 4, 5)

Why: Two games at home at the loudest stadium in the country and a trip down to sunny Phoenix! Fly into Seattle for the September 22 game against the Saints before making your way down to Arizona for the matchup with the Cardinals on September 29. From there, head back to Seattle for a huge Thursday night showdown with the Rams. 

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