Allianz Arena: Home of FC Bayern Munich

Allianz Arena Stadium Guide

As one of the most recognisable and successful teams in world football, Bayern Munich encapsulates German culture on a football pitch. Their home is the Allianz Arena, a 75,000 capacity theatre of footballing purity that provides an unforgettable sporting experience. Regardless of if you are a hardcore football fan, or simply a traveller with a desire to engulf yourself in some authentic German sporting culture, a night at the Allianz Arena is going to be perfect for you. 

Photo by Herr Bohn

You won’t miss the brightly lit exterior of the Allianz Arena, lit up in red for Bayern matches. Since, 2005/06 Bayern have played their home matches at the Allianz Arena after moving from their traditional home at the Munich Olympic Stadium. 

Getting your tickets to Allianz Arena

The next time you can plan a trip to Munich, head to our venue page for Allianz Arena to see if there are any matches on during your stay.

Where to sit at Allianz Arena

After 2020, the answer to this will probably be “wherever you can once you can go”. But in a normal circumstance, here’s what you’ll want to know:

The Away team section is in the Northern Stand, amongst the 340s sections. The most vocal Bayern fans sit at the opposite end – the South end (or Südkurve). I was lucky enough to be sitting in section 222 when I attended in early 2020.

There are standing-room terraces behind each goal, sections 110-115 and 128-133 on the map above. These sections are for domestic games only and tickets can be harder to come by.

What to do before and after a Bayern Munich match

One thing to consider when planning a night at the Allianz Arena is the fact that it is about a 30 to 45 minute train ride from the centre of Munich. As such, my experience was that most people tend to begin their night’s entertainment in the city and then collectively catch the train out to the stadium for the match. 

One thing that everyone would tell me about going to Munich was that I “had to have the big beers!”, and trust me they are big! 

A great location for one of these beers – as well as a traditional german meal – is the Augustiner-Keller.

Me in January of 2020, before seeing Bayern play Schalke 04

A simple-looking bar from the outside transforms once you’re inside into a huge beer hall. You are directed down a series of small flights of stairs to what opens up into massive rooms lined with tables. Located a short walk from the Munich Central Station, the Augustiner-Keller is in a prime location for accessibility as well as getting back to the train stations to get to the match. As the afternoon proceeds, the halls fill with the chants of excited Bayern Munich fans in anticipation of the game ahead. This is a great location to really get a sense of the footballing culture before the game and get yourself and your friends in the mood for an exciting and passionate fan experience. 

Stadium Tours and Merchandise

In terms of getting your merchandise for the game – an aspect that I evidently took very fondly to – there are Bayern Munich Official stores located seemingly everywhere around central Munich. You will find one easily at Munich Central Station as well as littered around the Marienplatz, the old town of Munich. It’s definitely fun to walk around Munich on match day decked out in Bayern gear and calling out to other fans in their colours as they walk past. 

The Stadium Tour is a great way to get a better look at the Allianz Arena itself, as well as provide a unique experience and insight into locations within the stadium that aren’t accessible to the public on a match day. The tour duration is around an hour long and will provide you with a more intimate understanding of the stadium that isn’t possible any other time. At the time of publishing, Stadium Tours are closed at Allianz Arena, but they do have a Virtual Tour set up on their website in the meantime.

How to Get Allianz Arena from central Munich

Like I previously mentioned, the one limiting factor to the Allianz Arena is the fact that it is located quite a decent journey outside of central Munich. Unquestionably the best way of getting to the stadium is by train. The U6 line will take you, and thousands of other fans, to the Fröttmaning Station from where it is a short walk through to the security gates outside the stadium. 

The view of Allianz Arena from the Fröttmaning station overpass

The U6 line is accessible from a variety of stations in Munich, however most notably, not from the actual central station. From the Munich Hauptbahnhof (central station) you will have to catch the U4 or U5 line to the Odeonplatz Station from where you can get on the U6 train. Honestly, it won’t be difficult to find where you are going, just follow the hoards of people in red and white and you’ll find your way pretty easily!

Where to Stay 

Munich is a large German city so there are a plethora of accomodation possibilities, particularly if you are in the city to see more of it than just the Allianz Arena. Obviously if proximity to the stadium is important to you then there are hotel options in that area due to it being in a similar direction to the Munich Airport. My friends and I stayed in an Airbnb very close to the Central Station. This was great as it made travelling around the city very easy and often allowed us to walk to landmarks and tourist attractions. 

Anything we missed about Allianz Arena?

Hopefully this has helped you on your endeavours to experiencing the Bundesliga and German footballing culture for the next time you’re able to visit there!

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