We’re now an Authorised Travel Provider for NRL Travel

Sports Where I Am are proud to announce that we’re an Authorised Travel Provider for NRL Travel.

This means Sports Where I Am customers will be able to access official tickets to major NRL events, including the Harvey Norman All Stars match, Ampol State of Origin matches and the NRL Grand Final

Additionally, Sports Where I Am customers will have access to exclusive NRL Travel extras – such as pre-game experiences featuring NRL talent and more. The agreement is set to run until at least the end of 2022.

Sports Where I Am customers will ultimately be able to customise their own travel packages around NRL events, including their own choice of Accommodation, Merchandise, and other related experiences on offer.

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“We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with NRL Travel”, says Matt Scully, CEO of Sports Where I Am.

“The agreement aligns perfectly with the vision we have for Sports Where I Am: Ensuring our customers have access to all the necessary elements in order to create their own epic sports travel experience”

“Since COVID-19 hit, we’ve focused on domestic travel offerings for both our Australian user base and in preparation for a return of inbound overseas arrivals. The fact we’ll be able to offer unique experiences for some of the largest sporting events in Australia is really exciting.”

Matt Scully, CEO of Sports Where I Am

“We are really excited to work with SWIAM. A key focus for us is to grow the NRL Travel program, and we think partnering with a dynamic company such as SWIAM will help achieve this. Their enthusiasm to deliver great fan experiences, and their use of technology to do this, were key reasons why we partnered with SWIAM as part of the NRL Travel Agent Program.”

David Evans, NRL Senior Manager of Consumer Business

The National Rugby League (NRL) is one of the most exciting live sports experiences in Australia. It’s the world’s premier Rugby League competition, comprising 15 teams from Australia and one from New Zealand. It’s also where you’ll find some of the longest-running and most passionate rivalries in world sport.

The first event on the schedule is the Harvey Norman All-Stars match between the NRL’s Indigenous and Maori All-Stars teams on February 20th at Townsville’s recently-unveiled Queensland Country Bank Stadium. You can find more information about Sports Where I Am’s offers for this event here.