The Pinstripe Bowl

Initially dubbed the “Yankee” Bowl because of the New York Yankee ownership (and hosted at Yankee Stadium), the Pinstripe Bowl received a face lift in 2010 with New Era agreeing to sponsor the event for four years and ESPN taking over the broadcasting rights for six.

The Pinstripe Bowl has been a way for College teams to experience post-season game time despite not making the NCAA playoffs. The last two years have delivered sold out attendances and both games have gone to overtime, giving fans the ultimate value for their money!

2015 featured the Duke Blue Devils and Indiana Hoosiers after both teams missed out on a chance at the playoffs – the Dukes hadn’t won a Bowl game for 54 years and lost their previous four. This all changed when Indiana Kicker Griffin Oakes botched a field goal and gave the Dukes the win in OT – 44-41.

Not only does the Pinstripe Bowl offer incredible atmosphere like other College football matches, it’s held in the city that never sleeps. The pre and post-match entertainment possibilities are absolutely endless with a plethora of restaurants, bars and other attractions to see that really add to the experience of the Bowl game.

Seating can often be a difficult one in Yankee stadium, but thankfully the crew at SWiAM have you covered with all the best seating placements right here (albeit for baseball, still a handy reference point!)

Finally, if you’re looking for tips from real life fans once you’re in the Big Apple, make sure to check out our New York Fan tips.


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