Oct 09 2017

Is CenturyLink Field the best stadium experience in the USA?

Is CenturyLink Field the best stadium in the USA

Sarah went to a Seattle Seahawks game at CenturyLink Field. It was loud.

In case we weren’t jealous enough already, Sarah really rubbed our noses in it this week by taking her USA sports tour to CenturyLink Field in Seattle to watch the Seahawks.

From the looks of it, an NFL game at CenturyLink Field might be one of the best fan experiences in the world.

Sarah and Juice started off with a stadium tour of CenturyLink Field on the day of the game. They were able to step onto the field, visit the media centre used for post-game interviews and take in some of the breathtaking city views.

Today @shut_up_sarah toured @centurylink_field. Worth checking if you're planning a trip to Seattle. $14 well spent 🤘

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On Occidental Avenue Sarah met Riccardo, who introduced her to the ‘Seattle Sausage‘. It’s a hot dog with cream cheese on it. It looked pretty amazing, and you can watch Sarah’s thoughts on it in the second episode of ‘EATS‘.

Sarah and Juice went to Quality Athletics Bar for some drinks before the game, where they met Ashley and Taylor, two dedicated Seahawks fans who had made the journey from Canada for the game. Sarah asked them about why it was worth the trip for them. You can see their response in the second episode of ‘Lifers‘.

Seahawks fans claim to have one of the loudest stadiums in the world, and it didn’t disappoint. In ‘The Diary‘, you can watch Sarah’s gameday experience at CenturyLink Field, which includes her advice for opposition fans visiting Seattle. Juice, a mad Indianapolis Colts fan, experienced this first-hand!

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