Best Sports Trip Photos

We want your sports trip photos

We made some upgrades to the Sports Where I Am website recently, and in doing so we came to a realisation:

It’s time we moved on from stock photos.

When we were first building the SWIAM platform back in 2012, we needed to find photos fill up our massive database of cities, venues and events. With over 240 cities on SWIAM – and most of those cities having multiple sports venues – it quickly became a huge amount of images needed.

So we did what most travel companies do: We went with nice, clean city skyline shots:


Sports Where I Am Philadelphia page before change

And these are fine, but the strength of SWIAM is our global network of sports fans helping each other out. Therefore, we think it’s important to make sports fans the focus of our website design.

For example, we think these ones (featuring photos from Sarah and Juice) look much better:



So if you’ve got photos taken at sports events and venues around the world, we want to use them on Sports Where I Am.

DO you want to feature on Sports Where I Am?

If you’ve got photos from your own trips that you’d like to share on SWIAM:

1. Go to Sports Where I Am and search for a city or venue that you know you have a great photo from.

2. If you see a stock photo (or a city skyline) sitting on our page for that city or venue, click HERE to email us your better photo to use!

The images that work best in this new format:

Have people in them (who we’ll refer to as TEAM SWIAM)
■ Display some distinguishing feature of the city or sports venue where they were taken
■ Are big enough to fill up the display on both desktop and mobile versions of the site (without getting stretched/pixelated)

That’s it! Send away!

By submitting an image, you’re agreeing that it’s yours and that you give us permission to use it on Sports Where I Am.