NFL Fans: How to see your team 3 times in two weeks [NFC East]

Best time to visit teams in the NFC EAST

Since the release of the 2018-19 NFL schedule, fans around the world have been daydreaming about taking a trip to the USA to see their team play. We decided to take it a step further, scouring the schedules of all 32 NFL teams to find the best time for travellers who want to see their team play multiple games.

Considering the average overseas trip duration (by Australians) is 14.5 days – roughly two weeks  we worked out the best stretch of games for die-hards who want to see their team as much as possible during an average overseas trip.

So, here’s how you can see your team play 3 times in 2 weeks.

This week we’re focusing on teams in the NFC East.

NY Giants: November 18th to December 2nd

If you’re a New York Giants fan, you’re in luck. This year’s schedule provides fans with one of the best two-week stretches to watch your team play.

Not only will you get to take in two games in the Big Apple – allowing you ample time to get around the city and take in some of the world’s most popular sites – you’ll also get to watch the Giants take on the defending Super Bowl champs in Philadelphia.

So what is there to do in Philadelphia? Aside from taking a photo at the Rocky Steps, eating yourself silly at Reading Terminal Market and seeing the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall? It’s also the home to one of America’s most recognisable foods – the Philadelphia cheesesteak. Trust us on this one, pack some loose-fitting pants!

The best part? Philly is just a short (and cheap!) one-hour train trip from New York’s Penn Station.

Games (click to view tickets):

Week 11: Bucs @ Giants – Nov 18

Week 12: Giants @ Eagles – Nov 25

Week 13: Bears @ Giants – Dec 2

dallas cowboys BEST TIME TO VISIT

Dallas Cowboys: September 30th to October 13th

Sure, we could have linked you to the stretch of three home games in Dallas over Thanksgiving, but let’s be real, no one needs to see the same stadium three times in three weeks (even if you are a massive Cowboys fan)!

Instead, why not look at taking in three games – one in Houston and two games in Dallas? It provides the perfect backbone for an epic Texas road trip through Austin, San Antonio and the quaint towns in between.

Picture this: you fly into Dallas on the Saturday to watch the Cowboys on Sunday. You then drive to Austin and check out East 6th Street and the incredible college bar scene before heading to Houston to watch the Cowboys on the road. You then make your way back to Dallas (via San Antonio to watch the Spurs, of course!) for the Week 6 game against the Jaguars. Sounds like heaven!

Games (click to view tickets):

Week 4: Lions @ Cowboys – Sept. 30

Week 5: Cowboys @ Texans – Oct. 7

Week 6: Jaguars @ Cowboys – Oct. 14

philadelphia eagles BEST TIME TO VISIT

Philadelphia Eagles: December 16th to December 30th

As you could imagine, finding cheap tickets to go and see the Philadelphia Eagles – the reigning Super Bowl champions – might be a little difficult in 2018. But never fear, Philly fans, because we’ve pinpointed the best stretch of three games to see in the States this season.philadelphia eagles BEST TIME TO VISIT2

Firstly, don’t fly directly to the east coast from Los Angeles (where most international flights land). Break up your trip by taking in SoCal’s best sites – Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach… and the Rams/Eagles game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Once you’ve soaked up some winter sun, head across to Philly for the Eagles/Texans clash, and then jump on a train and head further south to the nation’s capital to take in some of the world’s best museums either side of the Redskins/Eagles game on Dec. 30.

Be warned – you’ll be overseas for Christmas, but isn’t watching the NFL live in the USA the best present you can get anyway?

Games (click to view tickets):

Week 15: Eagles @ LA Rams – Dec. 16

Week 16: Texans @ Eagles – Dec. 23

Week 17: Eagles @ Redskins – Dec. 30

washington redskins BEST TIME TO VISIT

Washington Redskins: October 14th to October 28th

Attention Redskins fans: there is no better time to see your team play this season than in October. The weather is still bearable, the season isn’t shot to pieces (yet), and there are two games scheduled against divisional rivawashington redskins BEST TIME TO VISIT2ls you won’t want to miss.

Make sure you get to the nation’s capital before Oct. 14, which is when the Panthers come to town. Spend the week taking in the sites and museums before loading up the next Sunday when Dallas pays a visit. After that, slowly make your way to New York for the Week 8 matchup with the Giants at the Meadowlands.

The wonderful thing about October is that there’ll also be plenty of NBA and NHL action on, while if the Nationals are still in the MLB playoff hunt, there might be tickets available for their games as well. Talk about a sporting odyssey!

Games (click to view tickets):

Week 6: Panthers @ Redskins – Oct. 14

Week 7: Cowboys @ Redskins – Oct. 21

Week 8: Redskins @ Giants – Oct. 28 

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