Schedule release dates for the world’s biggest sporting leagues (updated 2024)

“When does the schedule come out?”

One of our most frequently asked questions – “when is the schedule for _____ released?” – shows that pro sports leagues aren’t super sympathetic to your travel plans.

Schedule release dates generally occur anywhere from two to four months before a season starts – whereas travellers, on average, begin planning their itinerary at least four to six months from the start of their trip.

You can see that this creates a problem (that we tried to address with our world sports calendars): You know you’re going to be in a city at a certain time, you know that a sport will have games happening during that time, but they aren’t listed on Sports Where I Am yet.

Here’s our solution: Schedule release dates by league

We compiled this list by looking at each league’s schedule release date for the previous three or four seasons and listed their averages below.

As always, if you see something on this page that needs to be edited (or added), please let us know.

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Schedule release dates for sports in the USA & Canada

*Note that College sports generally don’t have a set “release date” where games from all schools across the USA are dropped at once. They are released in stages, usually by conference/division, etc., and they can also be shifted to suit TV broadcast schedules. The dates listed above are when the fixtures usually start being released.

LeagueSchedule release
NCAA FootballApril*
NCAA BasketballSeptember*

Schedule release dates for sports in Europe

LeagueSchedule release
Premier League (UK)June
La Liga (Spain)July
Bundesliga (Germany)Late June
Serie A (Italy)June
Primeira Liga (Portugal) July
Basketball leagues (Misc.)June-July
Autumn Internationals RugbyApril

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As you can probably tell, schedule release dates can be influenced by many factors, including draft & free agency outcomes, TV broadcast deals and postseason results. This post will likely be updated many, many times.

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