Mar 16 2018

EPL Guide for Australians: How to get tickets

Being an English Premier League fan in Australia isn’t easy. Often it involves waking up at 3am and connecting a streaming app to your TV to follow your favourite football team over 17,000km away.  For dedicated Australian EPL fans, one thing is certain: No matter who you support, we all dream of being able to go … Read More

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Mar 06 2018

Sports Calendar: Europe in March

Sports in Europe during March March is the beginning of a busy few months on the European sports calendar. Different sporting codes start to overlap in the middle section of the year in Europe much more than in the United States (where seasons start to thin out a little during summer). During March, major European Soccer leagues continue, … Read More

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Mar 05 2018

Sports Calendar: Australia in March

Sports on in March in Australia March is a significant month on the Australian sports calendar. The nation’s two biggest sports leagues, the AFL and the NRL, begin their 2018 seasons this month. In addition, notable events like the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the NBL postseason are sure to draw a huge amount of interest. We also have the continuation of the A-League … Read More

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Mar 01 2018

Sports Calendar: USA in March

Sports on in March in the USA March is a great month to be a sports fan in the United States. Not only is the weather starting to improve across the nation, the action is heating up in the NBA and NHL, while the MLB and MLS seasons kick off later in the month. Oh, and … Read More

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Feb 16 2018

Hockey 101: A Guide To Your First Game

Perhaps more than any sport, hockey benefits from seeing the game live. Frankly, some of the nuances of baseball and football are best seen from the sofa, and half a basketball court is a tidy fit for your average flat screen. But hockey benefits from an eye free to wander outside of the camera’s gaze. … Read More

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Feb 04 2018

The new Sports Where I Am features explained

Hey team SWIAM, I’m sure you enjoyed the NFL Playoffs as much as I did… hopefully the Super Bowl lives up to the amazing games that have led to it! We’ve made some upgrades to the Sports Where I Am service that I want to share with you. So you already know that we offer tickets … Read More

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Feb 02 2018

Which team should Australians support in the Super Bowl?

As NFL fans gear up for Super Bowl Monday, we decided to apply some of the least scientific methods available to figure out who casual Australian sports fans should be rooting for. Disclaimer: If you’re looking for thoughtful, in-depth NFL analysis, you’re not going to find it in this post. So who should you be going for if you … Read More

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Jan 30 2018

February sports: What’s on in Australia, Europe and the USA

Although the focus might be on major February sports events like the NFL’s Super Bowl this month, there is plenty happening worldwide. We pulled up our sports calendars for Australia, Europe and the USA and ran our eye across February. So which sports should you be attending in February 2018? Here’s our quick summary of some … Read More

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Jan 15 2018

World sports calendars for travellers and the sports-mad

World sports calendars – your new desktop? To kick off your 2018, we’ve created these desktop calendars showing when the top sporting codes around the world will be running. UPDATE: We write monthly sports calendars for each of these 3 regions, too, so we’ve added links to those below. We were surprised that we couldn’t find something like this … Read More

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Jan 05 2018

How to get your friends interested in the NFL Playoffs (in 5 minutes)

The NFL Playoffs are upon us, so between now and the Super Bowl in February, you’re probably going to hear a lot about American Football. And, let’s be honest… The first weeks of January aren’t your most productive weeks in the office. So why not spice things up a bit by setting up an NFL Playoffs sweep? … Read More

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