May 11 2018

Wrigley Field: Visitor guide for your trip to Wrigleyville

Wrigley Field visitor guide Since opening in 1914, Wrigley Field has become one of the most iconic stadiums in American sports, famous for its hand-operated scoreboard, ivy-coated outfield walls, rooftop viewing platforms and… Bill Murray. Here’s our guide for anyone who wants to make the journey to the home of the Chicago Cubs in Wrigleyville. First: Getting your ticket … Read More

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May 05 2018

Sports Calendar: Europe in May

Sports on in Europe in May In contrast to the USA, where different sports options start to thin out toward the middle of the year, May-through-August is when you’ll be most spoilt for choice in Europe. May is dominated by football, but multiple other codes heat up in the coming months in European countries. Here’s what we … Read More

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May 04 2018

Sports Calendar: Australia in May

Sports on in Australia in May It’s official – the winter sports are in full swing down under. The A-League is winding down, but the other football codes are just getting started, while the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), V8 Supercars and Super Netball have also joined the party. So if you’re looking for something … Read More

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May 02 2018

Sports Calendar: USA in May

Sports on in the USA in May It does seem like we’re saying this about every month, but it’s GREAT to be in the USA in May as a sports fan. Not only are NBA and NHL playoffs in full swing, the action in the MLS and the MLB is just getting started. Throw in … Read More

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Apr 18 2018

PLAYOFF TICKETS: A few things to know

It’s PLAYOFF time in the NBA and NHL, which has drawn a huge amount of interest from SWIAM users in the last few months. Questions have come up about tickets for these games, so we thought it’d be best to explain a few of the unique quirks of playoff ticketing in major USA sports leagues as best we can. … Read More

Categories: NBA, NHL, Sports travel guides
Apr 13 2018

Aussies: Go see Ben Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers

Add a 76ers game to your USA itinerary Australians have been excited about Ben Simmons for years – even before he put together one of the most compelling and accomplished Rookie seasons in NBA history. On the court he has shown that he could progress into being a great NBA player – a few steps beyond the loveable hustle player role … Read More

Categories: NBA, Sports travel guides, tourism, tourist
Apr 06 2018

Canberra Cavalry partners with Sports Where I Am

We are excited to announce our new partnership with the Canberra Cavalry of the Australian Baseball League! Through this partnership, fans of the Cavalry will be able to purchase tickets to sporting events in over 240 cities around the world through the Cavalry’s own Sports Where I Am platform. Canberra Cavalry members will also get access to … Read More

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Apr 03 2018

Sports Calendar: April in Europe

Sports on in Europe during April Here. We. Go. Forget March Madness in America, April is the time of year Football fans cherish! We enter the home stretch of the respective European Leagues in April. We will see clubs crowned champions of their national leagues, and the Semi-Finalists will be decided for the European Champions … Read More

Categories: Monthly sports calendar
Apr 03 2018

Sports Calendar: April in Australia

Sports on in Australia in April Ah, April. Arguably the best month of sport in Australia. Yes, the weather is getting cooler (especially in the southern states), but it’s not that bitter, mid-July chill… and the action on the field, court, rink and oval is as hot as ever! The A-League, AFL and NRL are … Read More

Categories: Monthly sports calendar
Apr 03 2018

Sports Calendar: April in USA

Sports on in the USA in April If you thought March was a great month to be in the USA, April is even better. The weather is finally starting to improve, and the action is heating up in the NBA and NHL. With playoffs set to start later in the month, teams are vying for … Read More

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